Introductory Coaching Consultation (1.5 hour Life Coaching Session)

Introductory Coaching Consultation (1.5 hour Life Coaching Session)

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Take the first step to dynamic growth and clarity

The process of our coaching all begins with you. If you are genuine with yourself about taking things forward and making those changes that you want to make to become the stronger, more confident, dynamic and affluent you; this is where you begin. 

You may not be certain of what those desired changes are, and that is perfectly okay. This initial session is exploratory. We will understand better what it is you most want, what ways we have available to create these desires, and crucially, our mutual compatibility, because if it doesn't feel right (for the right reasons) it won't be as impactful for you, and we both don't want that.

Following this session, you and I will actively begin to create your development pathway where you will be given real-world opportunities to achieve your goals from day one.

Book your first 1.5 hour Introductory Consultation and begin your coaching journey now.