A Pocket Full Of Happiness - The Ultimate Handbook for a Happy Life

A Pocket Full Of Happiness - The Ultimate Handbook for a Happy Life

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A Pocket Full Of Happiness

Beyond everything that we say that we want, from a new house to world peace and the cessation of starvation, what we really want is to be happy.

I want to take a moment here to say, "Hey you! Don't let this offend your ego." Because sadly, that is quite often the response people have to this title.

Happiness is on a sliding scale and as long as we are somewhere on it, we are happy. Without close analysis of where exactly that might be, the fact that we are happy is all we need, and we certainly don't need some smart-arse book to explain to us that we're not and then have the audacity of telling us how to fix the problem we don't have, right?


Good, now that's out of the way, this is what it is about:

"How wonderful could your life be if you were just a little happier? How much more amazing would it be if you were even happier than that?

In this exciting pocket-guide to creating happiness, international coach, speaker and adventurer Skyler Shah takes you on a step-by-step journey to living a happier life, no matter how happy you already are.

With experiments, illustrations and over 50 challenging questions to help you to begin shifting out of unhappiness; this book provides you with the resources to truly begin to live the life you want by starting at the most important place. Happiness.

About Skyler Shah: Skyler Shah navigates the world of personal development uniquely.

By swapping dull, template and superficial coaching, for engaging, energising and often experiential and adventure-based coaching, he creates ‘unrealistic’ results with his clients who benefit from his varied trainings including NLP and Hypnotherapy.

Of his numerous careers he has enjoyed sharing on-track time with Olympic Gold Medallists, Piloting RAF Aircraft, International Modelling and working with Motorsport Champions. In February 2015 his TEDx talk, ‘Do something incredible, live your dream’ encouraged every listener to pick up a coloured pen and begin with happiness."