How we work

Creating Change Together


Psychological programming is a part of your every day life. The more you learn, grow and diversify, the more you change. I work on creating a decisive shift to a more directed ‘Success/Prosperity/Happiness Psychology’ with my clients so they all can lead Wealthier, Healthier and more Prosperous lives.

This psychological shift comes in the form of activities, tasks, and a host of coaching resources.  

How this actually looks depends on you. What time and resources you have available. How challenged you really want to be. 

Working together could very well be the catalyst to one of the greatest and pivotal experiences in your life.

But there’s a lot between you right now and that person, and the primary reason for not being ready to experience such life-changing coaching? You don’t have the balls to take that first step and call me. 


How I Do Things Differently 


  • I will NEVER tell you what to do. Instead, I’ll show you how to show yourself what to do.


  • You will always be fully accountable, because if I choose to work with you, I won’t want you to let yourself down.


  • I don’t like being bored. Neither do you. I bring fun and energy to coaching, and that sometimes means doing it in challenging and new environments.


Because let’s face it. Nobody wants to be told what to do, even if it’s something good and will help them. We want to feel like we are in the driving seat and therefore can attribute our successes to our number 1 benefactor, ourselves!

So, you’re accountable to yourself, great, but how does this happen? I regularly and personally check-in with clients. Most have reports, tasks and challenges that they are working on and we both know where and how they want to be by a certain point. I have no problems asking you how you created that FAILURE. And you’ll grow to have no volatile reactions to the word failure. It’s everything you need to succeed.

At the very core of my work, we have happiness. Because at the end of it all, that really is what you want. It’s the reason you do everything you do when you pull back all of the reasons and excuses. When you come from a place where things are good, and you are happy. Relationship problems, limiting beliefs, challenging thoughts and ideas about life, everything becomes less frequent and less serious. And the stuff that does remain? Well now you’re in the best position to deal with that, wouldn’t you agree?


You’ll notice that throughout my work I will speak about Prosperity. I want to get clear on what this actually means. It’s not simply about making lots of money.


Prosperity to me is about growth. It’s about having an abundance of the positive things that you want in your life.”


With that in mind it could mean working on creating ways to earn more. But often that includes improving relationships, having more non-working time, enjoying both non-working and working time and understanding yourself better.