How We Coach

Accessing Transformative Coaching

I have wealth of coaching internationally, having worked with clients in the US, Australia, Dubai, throughout Europe and The Caribbean. The success of the work with clients in this way has been dependent on my ability to translate traditional face-to-face coaching into an accessible online/phone format that carries the same level of impact.

As a result of this success, you and I can work in 3 different, but equally effective ways.

1. Face-to-Face Coaching - Great for building upon an instant connection and the only way to run 4-hour+ long intensives. They are thoroughly enjoyable with a strong practical application throughout the day. Fee's are generally higher as they are more time and resource intensive.

2. Video Coaching - A digital alternative preferred buy some for the ease of access and the feeling of personal engagement. Ideal for highly visual learners.

3. Phone Coaching - As effective as Face-to-Face Coaching, the way we coach over the phone carries the same weight and impact, with very obvious outcomes and without the potential unnecessary uncomfortableness of being face-to-face. The level of internal comfort is utilised to slingshot the session. This is the lowest fee-rate coaching, as it uses the fewest resources.

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