How to work with Skyler

What do you want most right now?


This is where you and I will begin, and this is about as template as your experience will ever be, the rest is a free-flowing path, paved by your insights and modified psychology.

Before you attempt to answer this, I want to highlight just how difficult this question can be, so if you are struggling to answer it, hold back on your immediate response to run away; nothing will change from that place.

It is possibly one of the most difficult questions to be asked, and one fully loaded with emotions:


"Is it wrong to want more?"

"Am I ungrateful if I am not happy with the wonderful life I already have?"

"I've spent so long doing what I've done, I don't know who I truly am."

"But isn't it selfish to want more? What about my partner and children? How is changing something big fair on them?"

"I don't know what I want right now, and that's why I want to speak with you."


The list goes on.


Ask yourself this question, "What do I want most right now?" And when you have your answer, any answer, get in touch.