Become a Life Coach

The simplest way to become a life coach


Thinking about becoming a life coach, or wondering how to grow your impact and work with more clients? Then read on.

Whatever your motivation, life coaching can be a truly rewarding experience for both coach and coachee. I know that when I first began I had what felt like this huge ball of potential energy inside of me that I needed to release so that I could make other people's lives even better. 

Since then this purpose has evolved and grown within me, and in part this has come from my understanding of how to both work with people better, and knowing the 'business' of life coaching.

Over the years having worked with hundreds of people in groups and 1-1s, with companies giving trainings and public speaking, I have developed and refined the coaching methodology my peers and I have found to be most effective for quick-to-initiate and permanent results. 


How do I become a life coach?

Fortunately natural aptitude does wonders for coaches who are just starting out, but as with all professions there is much more to it than that. 

Any coach who enrols onto our Life Coach Training Programme is making a commitment not only to better their abilities as a coach, but also to better themselves. It is only possible to take a client as deep as you have been yourself. As such, all coachees receive their own coaching. 


From here we will take you through the process of learning and refining your coaching skills, developing your voice and personal coaching style and importantly, how to turn these skills into a sustainable and financially affluent business.

During your course, as well as committing to being coached 1-1, you will be encouraged to hone your skills and build upon our proven model by delivering your own coaching sessions. You will be guided and supported throughout this process so from the very beginning, the challenge of how, "how do I find new clients" will be addressed and then practically managed.


What is the next step?

If you're ready to begin your new career, whether that's as a full-time coach, part-time coach or just for the benefit of your close ones, then the next step is to have a conversation with our founder, Skyler Shah. As he designed the model, he is best-placed to guide you through the process, what is involved and what you can expect both before, during and after the programme.

If you're ready, click below.