Why Do Good People Struggle?

Oi, you! Be MORE selfish 

The plane’s going down, the masks drop. Are you one of the people who dies or survives?


We know the procedure, mask on yourself first so you can function, then on those around you. But, that would make you selfish, and would that make you a bad person? Best to try and save someone else, their lives are worth more.


BULL SHIT. This is a fine example of how crippling it is to live for the lives of others and neglect your own needs, yes, you have those.


Doing this is exhausting; just look at some of the most giving people on this planet, they are tired, they are struggling, and they are continuously working. Take for instance life coaches. MANY are struggling to make enough money to feed themselves, but they, “do it because they love it”.


You will never be able to please everybody. We all walk our own individual and custom maps that no one will ever really be able to hack and master. Besides, if happiness is an internal state and not really dictated by external factors, you’re not actually making anyone happy or pleasing them, rather, they are pleasing themselves at the stimulus in their mental and physical environment.


In trying to make other people happy and please them, you will ALWAYS be wrong. You will always miss the mark, and you will always be guessing the ‘right’ thing to do when the ‘right’ thing is completely context dependent and based on every single significant and seemingly insignificant event in a person’s life.


Do the ‘selfish’ thing. Care for yourself so that you may be able to best care for others. Be happy and whole and share that so that others may mirror it. Do what makes you happy.