How to increase your ROI on life

Will You Start to Care 100% Again?

Take yourself back to a time when you were younger, possibly quite a lot younger. Think of one of the first crushes you had, or a band that you just LOVED. That was real. You might look back on it now and think, "Oh how silly", equally you might look back with rose tinted glasses and adore the innocent and happy person in that vision.

Nostalgia aside however, there is something very useful about that time for you, today. This was your first. You weren't afraid of feeling 100%, or caring 100%, or being a raving lunatic about the new album 100% because you didn't know what it felt like for that feeling to be broken.

Track this forward a little to the next set of love, caring and artists. Is that a little less intense? Move forward still. 


What you might find is that there is a decline in how much you actually invest, and how much you might believe you have to give. You don't fall so hard in love, or faint when you hear your favourite song anymore. 

This is great, no more heartbreak and looking ridiculous right? That's what life's afforded you, the insight to not BE IN IT 100% so you can't get screwed over, because god knows you've been screwed over. You've failed, been rejected and had to work so hard.

But just think for a moment, about what your life now could be like if you actually gave 100%, without having to work hard, you were just investing yourself fully into something. A feeling, an idea, a project, a person. 

Do you think you'd be living the way you are now? Earning what you earn now? Being as stressed and as tired as you are now? Reaching for that extra glass of wine at the end of the day? My evidence shows, probably not.

I don't want for you, or anybody, to beat about the bush with their life just walking through it, so I won't. Wake up, live and be alive, and make sure that if you don't start your day with, "FUCK YEAH I'M SO EXCITED", that you fix it. You only have yourself to look to on this. 

Change this.

Skyler Shah is a highly regarded life coach who specialises in emotional gardening. Cutting away all of the dead, ineffective and heavy behavioural patterns and psychology and encouraging you to grow and flourish in the direction you most desire. He works with top executives, celebrities, business owners and creatives.