Life's okay, you just know it could be so much better.

What does a Life Coach Do?

The very reason that you are here is because there is something that you want to happen that currently doesn't (quite) exist. You want to create a change, whether that is small or vast that you'd like some help with.

You'd like to gain clarity on something and become a more impactful, dynamic and freer version of yourself.

It isn't that you are not already extraordinary, the fact that you are here hints at the opposite. Yes, the reason you are exploring coaching is not for therapy or to fix what is broken, but to improve and refine what is already great. 

Who is Skyler Shah and why is he so effective?


Skyler Shah at TED

Do Something Incredible, Live Your Dream.

Don't just take my word for it.

"I've worked with more people than I can count, and they all say the same thing."


Having worked with Skyler for a few months now, I'm understanding how powerful a really effective coach can be.

Skyler has successfully helped me focus on the direction I'd like to take my life, and more importantly got me taking action and challenging myself.

His wise words and incredible memory on topics we've discussed before mean that every session with him takes me a step further along my path.

He is not an ordinary coach, it's difficult to put into words how he uses his combination of entrepreneurial thinking, insightfulness, calmness, high emotional and intellectual intelligence and ability to drive commitment in others to such great effect.

Whether you want to do something extraordinary, or simply have the desire to move your life forward, I urge you to contact Skyler.

Melanie Blyth, Head of Channel Marketing, Shell

Living our busy day to day lives, often filled with distractions and sometimes anxieties, I wanted to gain new perspectives on how to be more impact in my own work and life.

Having been coached before, I was expecting insightful, illuminating conversations, but in being coached by Skyler I actually got so much more.

Very quickly Skyler helped me to see things which were limiting me and worked with me to challenge those things and to make them different.

Skyler’s belief is that to achieve a real level of change, you have to ‘do’ (rather than just thinking and discussing) and it’s in the doing where Skyler’s coaching is different, and also why it works.

Skyler sets you challenges outside of your current comfort zone, he passionately supports you in doing them, (as well as holding you to account if you don’t….) and then he works with you until you have taken the richest learnings.

What does all of this result in? Well, that’s the wonderful bit, you, your experience and your results are tangibly different; they are better, and I, for one, was very very happy with that :D Thanks Skyler.

Jane Newman, HR Business Partner, Miele Co Ltd

Skyler was one of the first people that I thought of when organising an event at Google's Campus which was designed to empower fledgling entrepreneurs in a very tangible sense. 

Skyler spoke confidently as I knew he would, however I believe the greatest and most lasting impact he made was when he facilitated a workshop where one of the key ideas was achieving happiness whilst building a business. Skyler had the largest amount of self-selecting attendees at his workshop - there were four different workshops to choose from. People were reluctant to leave at the end of his session and I understand he made some meaningful connections as a result of this. 

A generous, caring and quietly tenacious spirit, Skyler makes an effort to leave a positive impression on the people that he works with.

Andrea Photiou, Business & Enterprise Growth Consultant

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